Welcome to Lonesome Valley Ranch

Come and visit Lonesome Valley Ranch for your great outdoor adventure! We have several mule and horseback riding packages and places to choose from including Groom Creek, Granite Mountain, Verde River, Sedona and Flagstaff. We have hourly rides here at our ranch in Coyote Springs, Prescott Valley or we can provide 4 Hour Rides and Overnight Camping Rides as well.

Prescott Horse Mule Trail Rides

Mule Kisses

Ranch rides start at $45 an hour (this includes Mule rides as well), 4 Hour Rides (includes lunch) at $175 or Overnight Rides at $250 (includes lunch and dinner) and lots of fun after the sun goes down! We also have Weekend Camping Rides starting at $250 per day/per person (includes lunch and dinner) with group discounts.

Please click on any of the Trail Ride Locations for more information and/or call (480) 220-3367 to come and enjoy the great outdoors on horseback.